Demirali Responds
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To view the original untimely response by Mr. Demirali please Click HERE.

Finally, sometime in December 2004 was updated with the same information that was posted to site previously. 

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To view the original article published 11/16/2004, follow this link.

Consumer Crusade Attorney Jim Demirali, original King Pin of web site FINALLY responds to Fax Wars in an update on Martino's Trouble Shooter web site.  In his article he shows little to no respect towards Denver District Court Judge Martin Egelhoff Mr Demirali simply states "A Denver District Court Judge".  I thought attorneys and judges acted with more dignity towards each other.  He writes about an updated website, what happened to why is it gone? He does not address that!

Towards the end of his article he speaks about an updated website,
what happened to why is it gone?  Why does he not address the reason that site has been removed from the public's eye?  You may view the site prior to it's removal by Clicking HERE.

In the first paragraph of his article he indicates that they now have over 300,000 faxes. 
We need to update our True Income Calculation Page to more accurately show the amount of money that is at stake.  For now just figure they stand to make $30 Million if they settle for an average of $100 for each fax.  Looks like the best attorney enrichment program on earth.

In the fourth paragraph of his article Mr. Demirali states that "defense lawyers have been trying to exploit the matter by submitting that opinion in dozens of unrelated cases in order to frustrate our efforts."  How does he figure that other fax litigation is "unrelated"?  Mr. Demirali does not mention in his article that other judges have adopted Denver District Court Judge Martin Egelhoff's reasoning dismissing other cases.  He is entitled to his opinion, however are all these judges wrong?

Mr. Demirali states "Hopefully, this judicial error can be corrected in the near future so that Consumer Crusade can have its day in court to stop this unlawful practice." 
Time will tell... what happens after the appeal is complete.  We think Denver District Court Judge
Martin Egelhoff got it correct.  Read his decision and see for your self. 

In the fifth paragraph he states "To date, The Demirali Law Firm has filed 233 cases, has approximately 450 open files, and is bringing actions at the rate of thirty cases per week.  Many of the cases filed have only concerned small numbers of faxes, but our focus in the near future will be on class-actions." 
He openly admits that many of the cases he has filed have only concerned small numbers of faxes.   He knows "the laws of economics", the more small cases he can bring, will result in the most revenue in a short period of time.  After all most people will settle for several hundred dollars when faced with high attorney fees to litigate. 

We are not sure what he is thinking in his fifth paragraph.  He states "To that end, more than twenty class actions have been researched and prepared on behalf of Colorado residents."  There is clear case law that does not permit class action for fax cases in Colorado.  Again, time will tell.   

In the sixth paragraph he states "Consumer Crusade has resolved, by settlement, judgment or otherwise, some 155 cases, and more than 80 assignors have received payments."  WOW... this means he has paid out 1.6% of what has been collected.  Next time you need an attorney on contingency (without a fee agreement) please consider the Demirali law firm. This payment structure raises the legal question of champerty. (Click on champerty for definition). 

To view the original untimely response by Mr. Demirali please Click HERE.



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