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2-15-2005  Denver Business Journal's Paula More writes article "Consumer Crusade files 25 suites".  Feb 11-17, 2005 Edition.  We could not find article on at time of this update.  Here are some parts of the article:

"Consumer advocate Tom Martino's Consumer Crusade Inc. recently filed 25 lawsuits in federal court seeking millions in damages against companies that allegedly sent unwanted junk faxes"

"Consumer Crusade asks for $18 million in damages in the suits"

"Martino formed the for-profit Consumer Crusade with retired Englewood attorney Francis Salazar in June 2003 to buy junk faxes from recipients for roughly $25 each and try to collect damages on them."

"Fax recipients get their money, but no damages, only if Consumer Crusade wins."

"Last year, Consumer Crusade filed about 80 lawsuits in Denver area county courts as-well."

"Critics contend such companies use the law to make money, and in the process they take advantage of smaller companies and take up valuable court time with cases that may not involve illegal faxes at all.  They say the laws are being applied against legitimate small business that can't afford to fight."

Above excerpts written by Paula Moore
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