Never Get Involved says Tom
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"Now you can simply assign your faxes and the collection rights to Consumer Crusade and they will pay you $25.00 for each junk fax on which collection is made. "There is absolutely no expense to you." All claims, demands, suits and legal action will be brought in their name and not yours. "You will never be involved in any way in these matters." "     

See Screen Shot below, third paragraph

     Mr. Martino does not cite any legal authority for this viewpoint, though Collection Attorney Demirali's name, address and phone number are prominently featured on that website.  Martino asserts that "There is absolutely no expense to you."  If you have given up a statutory entitlement to $500 to $1,500 in return for a possible recovery of $25.00, is it true for Martino to say that there is "...absolutely no expense to you."?  "You will never be involved in any way in these matters."  Did you know that defendants are entitled to confront the true plaintiff?  If the Defendants serve a SUBPOENA for your phone bills, or for you to appear and testify, you will incur expenses!  Is Mr. Martino going to pay for your time to appear?  Have you ever had to appear for a deposition without being "involved in any way"?  Next time you need legal advise, be sure to check with Mr. Martino. 


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